Martin Glaz Serup: Interview

glaz serup interviewMartin, how did you start with your writing? Since when did you write poems (right from the beginning)?

I started writing long before I started writing – in the sense that before you can write you have to read, I believe, and I was an eager reader almost as long as I can remember. I probably wrote my first horror and science fiction short-stories when I was about … 12-13 or something… I was very inspired by Stephen King and the Danish ‚horror master‘ Dennis Jürgensen. Poetry I found on the local, very good library and read and read, without understanding much in the beginning, but somehow it seemed important to me, enticing, so I continued to read one volume after another. I probably started to write poetry more seriously myself when I was around… 15-16 or something… And even more serious when I was a conscript in the army, around 19, and didn’t have much time for writing; the poems, I could work on in my head when I was busy doing other things – marching or digging trenches out of the dirt for instance.

What is more difficult/fun, to write books for children or to write poems?

Both is terribly difficult, most of the time, and terribly fun, some of the time.

If you are participating at a festival like poetry on the road and you are listing to many other poets, how is that influencing your poems or writing in terms of content, style, formal rules?

I’m always looking for literature worth experiencing; an ambitious international poetry festival like the one in Bremen is a great opportunity to encounter great poets and poetry that I didn’t know already, which is always a gift. How that may influence my own work is totally unpredictable.

Thank you for your answers.

(Das Interview führte Stephanie Schaefers am 08.06.2016 per Email)