Workshopergebnisse aus dem Workshop mit Martin Glaz Serup am 27.05.2016

Schreibaufgabe: Wähle einen abstrakten Gegenstand, ein Gefühl oder einen Zustand und beschreibe diesen/dieses wie ein lebendiges Wesen


Concept: a window of a camper changes always its places and describes what it sees the whole day

Germany – Bavaria

A window looks down from a moutain to a fair with lots of people dressed in Dirndls.

A coming around man in Lederhosen who is on the way to the fair looks at the window.

The window opens itself and says „hello“ to the man with his gesture.

The man wonders and goes away with a disaproval.

The window is sad and drives away.


On a highway

The window doesn´t like the fast driving.



The window finds out that it doesn´t like egoistic persons.


(Leonie Wilken, Clara Jacobs)


The future ist important, they say.

We should work for to the future, they say.

The future depends on everything we do in the now, they say.

The future is everything we have, they say.

The future is just a term for everything we do after the now, they say.

The future is an idea of a better life, they say.

You fear the future.

In the future you die.

You hope for the future.

Future is just time.

Future is the now.




About a Mirror

He can´t remember his birth, but on

the other hand he doesn´t know

anyone who is able to do this.

Maybe he was not even born.

He could have been made

in a factory, by an underpaid chinese worker.

Maybe he just has been sorted out,

because of some damages.

He has no friends, but that´s okay.

He doesn´t need friends.

He is okay with himself.

Sometimes people look at him,

but he is not able to talk to them.

He can´t. But he can immitate their faces, their emotions.

if they smile, he smiles back.

if they laugh, he laughs back,

if they cry, he cries back.

He tries to help them, he tries so hard.

But he is not able to help. He can just show them their own emotions.

He can reflect them.

Maybe he is mentally distabled.

There could be missing synapses

in his head.

He is different from the others,

he has always been different.

They are moving all the time.

They a talking, laughing, crying, walking, fighting, surrendering.

They are emotional, they are weak.

But he is not like them.

He is cold.

He is the best actor he knows.

He can immitate everything he saw in life.

He isn´t human, but he can look human like.

He has no face, but he can have any faces.

He is like a mirror.

He could be a mirror.

He is a mirror.


(Vincent v. Weihe)



Waschlappen badet in einem Meer aus tausenden Gedanken

Und ist das Gedanken denken leid.

Das viele Denken droht ihm den Atem zu rauben.

Langsam, langsam.

Immer wieder saugt er Neues in sich auf, er läuft Gefahr zu überschwemmen.

Was passiert, wenn alles in einem schwarzen Loch verschwinden würde?

Ist Schweigen mehr als die Abwesenheit von Geräuschen?


(Anne Struwe, Yasemin Lindeman)